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Aside from our Lisbon escort girls, Porto and the Algarve gorgeous companions, the first thing new clients notice about our Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve agency is the high degree of professionalism with which we conduct our business. An association with our company is not something to be ashamed of; it is an above-board business relationship that includes spending intimate time with naturally erotic ladies. The second thing that catches the attention of new customers is the courteous treatment they receive from each Lisbon, Porto and Algarve Escorts staff member from receptionists to supervisors to companions. As a VIP client, you always come first and we strive to ensure your time with us is filled with pleasure and exciting in every way imaginable.

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Each of our customers enjoys the following first class benefits, which are included at no extra charge in all contracts.

Take a moment to browse our services and packages.

Pre-Designed Packages

Our main goal is to provide you with an exquisitely pleasurable experience with a lovely lady on your arm.
The following list highlights some of our most-requested arrangements.

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Paint the Town: With a sultry siren at your side, you will never want the night to end. Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve Escorts encourages you to take your date to high-end clubs,
swanky restaurants, critical business dinners or anywhere else your heart desires.
She will hang on your every word, attend to your smallest whim and you will quickly be the envy of every man you encounter until the time comes for the two of you to part.

(+351) 913462904

You can phone or email us to make an appointment. Please note, emails are not checked regularly, so if you wish to meet the girl within 24 hours

Fly-Away Adventures:

Occasionally, members of our sophisticated clientele need to retain a companion for out of town engagements.
Typically, they involve a few days of erotic, exotic fun on distant shores or in serene landscapes with an irresistible lady ready to accompany you on any type of retreat.
If you are a jet-setter, or merely someone who has put aside a few bucks for a fun outing, let Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve Escorts provide you with an eager and affectionate companion who will shower you with lavish appreciation for your efforts.

(+351) 913462904

They are able to travel worldwide. Please contact us, so we can advise you on the perfect companion!

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Dinner Date:

Whichever companion you choose, she'll be yours to metaphorically feast on until the dinner hour draws to a close.
For maximum enjoyment, we suggest you dine as slowly as possible in order to savor each flavor of your five hour time slot.

Overnight Engagements:

We understand that there are times when just a few hours don't fit the bill. Whether you plan to want her to escort you to an all-night event, rest easy knowing Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve Escorts can cater to your needs. You will be the star of the show with a sexy escort keeping you company through the night while every other man must be content only to gaze upon your prize.

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Double Delight:

You have to admit it; you're curious about those distinguished gentlemen with a beautiful lady on each arm.
As a leading escort service in Portugal, we often cater to men who want more than enough.
Whether you want to show off your prowess to the men you meet or simply enjoy the company of multiple lady

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If you want to invite a lady to a location outside Europe via our escort service, the minimum period is 48 hours. This time is calculated from the arrival of your escort in the destination country to the time of check-in for the return flight.


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